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10 Books Every Child (and Parent) Should Read

Reading to children is an important part of their growth and development. Knowing the books that are highly recommended for preschool going children will help parents and caregivers make a wise choice from the vast selection of books available in bookstores today. Herein is a top 10 list of children’s favorite books:

1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit

This classic story has delighted parents and kids for over 100 years. Written by Beatrix Potter, this story was included as part of a letter that she had written to a child who was sickly. By writing it using humor, she was hopeful that the child might be able to forget about their sickness and so recover quickly.

2. Goodnight Moon

It was written in 1947 by Margaret Wise Brown. For many years, this book has charmed the hearts of many children with its colorful illustrations and poetry. To this day, many parents have fond memories of this book and enjoy being able to read it to their own kids as well.

3. Curious George

This is a series of books that are written by Margaret and H.A. Rey. It is a top selling book about the story of a funny, curious monkey known as curious George.

4. Love You Forever

Written by author Robert Munsch in 1986, this book was written especially for children although its equally loved by readers of all ages.

5. Where The Wild Things Are

This favorite classic book was written in 1963 by Maurice Sendak. Many kids love hearing it during bedtime and although skeptics thought that this story about a little boy and wild monsters would contribute to nightmares, these fears were proven to be both exaggerated and unfounded.

6. The Cat In The Hat

Despite being written in the 1950s by Dr. Seuss, it’s still popular to this day. Of his other many well-known stories, The Cat In The Hat is the most favorite to many kids.

7. The Polar Express

This easy read was authored by Chris Van Allsburg. It is a fascinating story to both the kids and parents that reminds us that we should keep our hopes and dreams alive.

8. Charlotte’s Web

For over half a century, this book authored by E.B White, has retained its popularity as one of the favorite children’s books. First published in 1952, this is a story of a lonely pig by the name Wilbur and a caring, wise spider known as Charlotte that teaches all readers the importance of friendship, love and compassion for others.

9. Winnie the Pooh

This book written by AA Milne in the early 20th century tells of the numerous adventures of a carefree bear and his friends. These delightful stories about Winnie the Pooh’s adventures with his friends thrill both children and parents as well.

10. Harry Potter

Written by J.K Rowling in the 1990s, it was the first of a series of children’s books detailing a story of a boy and his friends. These books would later on become international best sellers.

There you have it. Top 10 books that every child and parent should read. Whether in day care centers or during child care at home, the above books contain stories that have proven to be popular with children of all ages as they have been written to appeal to the heart and imagination of a child.

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