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4 Vacation Ideas that Work Perfectly With Small Children

Going on vacation is a great way to create lifelong memories with a family, but those with babies and toddlers may feel as if any major trip is going to be nearly impossible. Along with safety issues, some parents are concerned that the overall stress levels will outweigh the fun they will have. For those that are finally ready to take the plunge and go on vacation with their young children, here are four ideas that are exciting for kids, affordable for parents, and a great overall time for a family of any size. 1. Cruises Unlike almost any other vacation destination, parents can handpick a cruise that is designed …


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Which Parenting Style is More Effective – Laid Back or Very Involved?

Becoming the best parent possible is an ongoing journey with no single solution that is going to work for every family. Some couples may find themselves struggling with multiple parenting styles hoping to figure out the best for their child while others seem to have an easy time of keeping their kid on the right track. The most important step in this process is to take a close look at all of the personalities and influences in your child’s life to see exactly which approach is going to be the most effective. Parenting is a Mindset Being a “helicopter” parent means something different to every single family just as being …


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How to Protect Your Child From Sick Kids

When the flu season finally comes around most families accept sniffles, coughs, and fevers as a simple fact of life. Even if your child is exposed to a classroom full of kids with germs, however, there are a few steps that can be taken to keep them free from this year’s strain of the flu or any other sicknesses. Here is a look at some simple tips and tricks that you can use to protect your child from sick kids. Getting a Flu Shot A yearly flu shot is 90 percent effective in most children. While some parents would prefer to steer clear of annual shots, it is important to …


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How to Keep Your Kids from Being Bullied

Any type of bullying is quickly going to make a child or teenager feel embarrassed, helpless, and powerless. Bullying can come in many forms these days ranging from online bullying and the holding of embarrassing information to physical threats and taunting. In order to avoid these devastating scenarios, every parent should know at least a handful of steps that they can take to prevent their child from becoming a victim of this aggressive behavior. Support Social Competence Also referred to as social cognition, social competence is a child’s ability to interact with other kids of their own age. One of the best ways to avoid having a child bullied is …