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How to Choose the Right Daycare

Choosing the correct daycare is one of the most important decisions that a parent will make when it comes to the safety and happiness of their child. Just as a person might hunt for a new job, it is important to take the time to thoroughly research a number of daycares well before they are needed. Parents that are preparing for some form of childcare services should follow these steps in order to find the ideal situation. Search for Local Resources Many counties and cities fund networks that help parents find safe and fully-licensed daycares and childcare services. Much like a review site, they may collect all important information as …


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iPad Doing All the Babysitting? How to Wean Your Kids off Tablets

Tablets and smartphones have replaced televisions when it comes to entertaining or pacifying young children. Some studies even show that 1 in 3 children are using devices before they can talk, and this is leading to some potentially harmful behavior. Parents that are ready to wean their children off of tablets should keep these few tips in mind for a smooth and stress-free transition back to reality. Know the Signs Every parent should be able to distinguish between the normal use of electronics and when they have become a problem. Primarily, children will show signs of an actual addiction such as losing interest in other activities or becoming irritable when …


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Benefits of Sending Your Children to a Daycare

Quite a few parents stress over the decision of sending their children to daycare. There may be the occasionally lucky family in which one of the parents can spend every waking hour with their children, but this is rarely the case any more. The fact of the matter is, most children do in fact benefit from being sent to daycare at some point, even if it is only for a short period a few times a week. Here is a look at a few of those benefits you and your child may notice. A Safe Environment It seems as if not a week goes by in which there isn’t some …