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What to Consider Before Buying Your Children E-Readers

Parents that want their child to read as much as possible will no doubt consider purchasing an e-reader at some point. These devices put thousands of books and other publications at a child’s fingertips, but they can also be quite the investment and have countless features to choose from. For those that are ready to purchase an e-reader for their own household, here is a look at some of the considerations that must be made to get the best device possible. Interactive Readers and E-Readers The child’s age is going to be one of the most important factors in this process. No matter how mature a younger child may be, …


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How to Teach Your Small Children to Think Critically

Rote memorization is just one important aspect of education, but this type of learning does not necessarily alter how a child perceives the world around them. Parents will also need to teach their kids open-ended and complex thinking skills that will help them solve problems of any type throughout. Here is a look at some methods that all parents can use to help their children learn the critical thinking skills that will aid them in every challenge that they come across. Avoid Focusing on Dogma One of the ways that parents can sabotage their efforts to teach their child critical thinking is by exclusively focusing on dogma at a very …


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Pros and Cons of Giving Your Children an Allowance

Almost every parent is going to consider giving their child an allowance at some point, but teaching children about financial responsibility is easier said than done. Many are unsure of when to give an allowance, how much should be given, and if it is a good option for their own child. For parents that are on the line, here is a look at some of the pros and cons of giving their child an allowance and how it could impact their lifelong spending and saving habits. Pros: Financial Responsibility Almost every parent will begin giving their child an allowance to teach them about financial responsibility. No one wants their child …