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The Best Educational Programs on Netflix

According to child care experts, there’s nothing wrong with children watching a little television, especially if it’s educational. In fact, it can be quite beneficial when it’s done right. As a result, Netflix offers many shows and episodes streaming online that are brimming with education for kids both preschool age and older. They’re primarily categorized according to a variety of subjects including, science, literature, world history, etc. Other educational programs that provide interesting information and facts on more specific subjects include the secrets behind Ancient Egypt, how the human body works, Native American culture, and why volcanoes and earthquakes occur. Here’s a short list of some of the best educational …


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The Best Books to Read to Your Child at Any Age

Reading books with your children, especially before bedtime, is an excellent way to establish a solid parent-child bond whether they’re preschool age or older. It’s also a way to open the doors to infinite knowledge and natural curiosity. Reading stories to your children is a practical way to get them to relax, slow down, and to learn to pay attention. Studies reveal that reading books out loud to your children helps them develop both their language and evolving literacy skills that will in turn prepare them for going to school. Reading aloud to children is routine among virtually every child care or daycare facility today. As a parent or day …


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5 Things To Look For In Your New Preschool

Choosing a new preschool for your child can be a daunting experience. In addition to finding a safe, comfortable environment, you also want to ensure that your youngster will have the best opportunity to learn important, age-appropriate skills and build confidence. Following are five key features that will help you identify the best daycare for facility for your little one. 1. Proper Licensing And A Well-Trained Staff The first and foremost feature to consider when shopping around for a preschool is licensing. All daycare facilities should be licensed to provide care for the number of children that they intend to accommodate. The licensing process entails a rigorous review of the …