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Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Media

[raw]Social media can be a good tool for kids to learn social and people skills. However, it can be a potentially dangerous world for children. Parents and care givers can formulate effective strategies to protect children’s vulnerability. Below are several ways they can ensure their kids’ online safety. 1. REGULAR SUPERVISION. Since parents are responsible for their children’s internet devices, they should have total control over them. The parents must always know who their children follow on all social media platforms. A good way to do this is by following and friend requesting their kids. This can give them a vantage point to monitor their kid’s online activities. Moreover, it ...


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The New Literacy – Introducing Your Child to Programming Essentials

[raw]Think that your child is too young to learn how to code? Think again. Also referred to as developing or programming, coding involving telling a website, phone, app or computer how you want it to act. Some experts and educators call it the new literacy, a subject so fascinating and interesting that every child should know the basics of to succeed in this dynamic world. Children in daycare and child care institutions can learn the foundations and basics of computer commands and coding even before they can spell and write world. Older kids, in preschool can also learn how to code through online tutorials, mentors and classes. So, why should ...


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Preschools and Technology- How Cutting-Edge Preschools Use Tech to Keep Your Kids Safe

[raw]It goes without saying that children are the most important members of any society. It has been said, time and again, that they are the future and this could not possibly be truer. It is for this very reason daycare centers exist and thrive. They offer the children opportunities to learn and have fun; often at the same time. Some child care centers have taken things to the next level by making use of technology to run major activities. Discovery Tree Academy is among these cutting-edge kindergartens. Such institutions are among the best of their kind and ensure that you child gets to grow, learn and explore life in a ...