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3 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited about Math

[raw] For most preschool, daycare and child care kids, math is a nightmare that they would rather forget than think about. Whether it is logical problems or fractions, math tends to be frustrating. It can also drain your child’s confidence and self-esteem, unless you know how to handle it. As a parent, you certainly know that strong skills in math are vital. We use math in every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Therefore, learning these 3 ways to get your kids excited about math will go a long way in giving them the solid start that will help shape a strong future for them. Read on to find ...


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5 Ways Parents Can Get Involved with their Child’s Early Education

[raw] Whether your kids are in daycare, child care or in preschool, it is of the greatest importance that you pay attention to them. One option to accomplish this is by getting involved in their early education. By involving yourself, both you and the child will benefit greatly. In fact, research shows that when parents participate in their children’s early schooling, the following benefits result: Enhanced self-esteem for the children Improved academic achievement Improved parent-child relationships Parents develop a positive attitude towards their children and schooling Parents get a better understanding of the education process However, it isn’t always easy for most parents to find the energy and time to ...