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How to Set an Example and Manage your (and your child’s) Screen Time.

[raw]According to a 2004 study, children in Spain were spending nearly 1000 hours per year watching television. That was more time than they spent in school. Something similar happens in countries all over the world and is not limited to children only. 2004 is a relatively long time ago; today the numbers are definitely much bleaker. Today more people are spending more time behind screens than ever. As such, it is very important for parents to manage their own and their children’s screen time. Herein are several ways to go about this. 1. Understand the dangers of screen time. For a parent to be able to effectively manage screen time, ...


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Socialization and Your Only Child – How Preschool Can Help

[raw]Being an only child often has its own social challenges. Only children are known to be less socially congruent that their counterparts with siblings. Children function best in inclusive settings where each one of them is an important part of a community or group. This is one of the main reasons why preschool is very important. Below are several reasons why preschool can help an only child develop better social skills. 1. INTRODUCTION TO PEERS. The preschool years often mark a child’s introduction to the world of peers and peer interactions. Research indicates that promoting positive contact and co-operation between children of different groups can improve relationships and attitudes. Whenever ...