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For most preschool, daycare and child care kids, math is a nightmare that they would rather forget than think about. Whether it is logical problems or fractions, math tends to be frustrating. It can also drain your child’s confidence and self-esteem, unless you know how to handle it.

As a parent, you certainly know that strong skills in math are vital. We use math in every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Therefore, learning these 3 ways to get your kids excited about math will go a long way in giving them the solid start that will help shape a strong future for them. Read on to find out more:

1. Use Games

There are tons of (both paid and free) games out there. Most of these games are designed to teach preschool children math, and how to use it. These games include, but are not limited to, cribbage, Monopoly, Yahtzee, dominoes, chess and Hopscotch. They present great opportunities for you to use in building up your child’s understanding of math.

In fact, any game that involves subtraction, addition, or counting will provide you with a window that you can use to get your kids more excited about math. What is more, they will learn how to enjoy it in the process.

2. Show Videos

Most parents use videos, television and screens to provide their children with entertainment. However, did you know that you can use this time better by skipping all shows that do not teach your daycare kids anything?

Instead, opt for shows that help them learn. For instance, Kid2020 DVDs and Leap Frog videos feature animation and fun songs with basic math lessons that will get your kids excited about the subject.

In fact, numerous studies show that music helps develop math skills in child care kids. Similarly, students in music based programs tend to score significantly higher on all math tests, in comparison to their peers who just received regular instruction. Therefore, consider taking advantage of these studies and get your children enthusiastic about math.

3. Capitalize on Real Life

Everyday living presents numerous opportunities for you to teach your preschool kids practical mathematical skills. You can also use these chances to get rid of the myth that people hold that math is no longer vital after one graduates.

The truth of the matter is that math is everywhere we look – the doctor’s office, the arcade, the malls, and even at the grocery store. It can also be found in house patterns and numbers.

Therefore, you need to start ensuring that your child realizes that being good at math will make a world of difference in their lives. For instance, you can let your daycare kids help out whenever you go out shopping. Alternatively, let them divide dinner into even and equal proportions.

Overall, the opportunities to get your kids excited about math are endless. You just need to look and these changes will present themselves to you. Irrespective of how math will frustrate your kids from time to time, you should never give up. In case they have any questions that you cannot answer, do some research and learn in the process. Then, teach your preschool kids what you learned. At the end of it all, you will be glad you took the time to excite your kids about mathematics.

Tim Carter

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