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5 Activities to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

The importance of nurturing a child’s creative side from an early age cannot be emphasized enough. Boosting a child’s creative side is an integral part of child care. Not only does it help the child to become a well-adjusted individual with the ability to cope with any situation, giving children an avenue to express themselves creatively is very good for wholesome mental development.

1. Play Musical Instruments

Although this is one of the most effective ways to make your child develop a creative side, you should be careful not to over complicate things as the activity loses its fun aspect.

Music is a great avenue for children to express themselves creatively. As much as a bit of order is required (there is a difference between playing an instrument and making random sounds with an instrument), you should keep it light and make it as fun as possible.

Teach your child only the basics on how to play a certain instrument then play a few tunes together and make the whole experience as enjoyable for him/her as possible. You can even make up a few tunes together and have a little jam session at home. The most important thing is to keep things simple and highly enjoyable.

In addition to helping them master the fundamentals at an early age, this activity encourages your child to explore their musical creativity.

2. Break out the Canvas

Finger painting can get really messy when preschool children are involved. However, the messier it gets, the more fun the whole experience is.

Making it an activity for the whole family is a great idea because children get more motivated when everyone is involved. Try to keep it as free flowing as possible and encourage the child to draw from their imagination. Positive reinforcement is useful in helping the child to develop confidence in his/her own skills.

3. Have a Story-telling Session

There is a reason most day care facilities often incorporate story telling in their list of daily activities. This is the single most effective way to encourage a child to use their imaginations to create mental pictures of the characters involved.

You can gather the family in a circle and take turns telling stories about anything you feel is appropriate. Do not limit anyone’s creativity; listen and applaud the child no matter how far-fetched their story is. Encourage them to use their imagination while telling stories. Once again, keeping the whole activity as fun as possible is very important. The child should not feel pressured to participate or to tell stories of a certain nature.

4. Make Random Things Together

Unless it involves damaging things or hurting people, you should never stop your children from making their own little random creations. As a matter of fact, you should take part in it once in a while. A box of Legos, a puzzle or even a dollhouse are great avenues for children to express their creativity.

An even better activity would be to have an invention session. You can gather as many random objects as possible from around the house and make random stuff together. Spread a sheet of manila or cardboard and get to gluing things together then come up with names for your new inventions. You can even get matching laboratory coats and give the activity an imaginative spin to make it a lot of fun.

5. Visit Places

An impactful childhood experience has the ability to mold anyone’s future drastically. Giving your child a chance to explore his creativity entails allowing him/her to have a taste of the real thing once in a while.

If your child has a soft spot for astronomy and space shuttles, a trip to the space station or a space-themed museum will go a long way in motivating him/her to embrace his/her passion. Keep your child’s interests burning by letting them experience the real thing once in a while.

You should always encourage your child to develop an independent perspective on everything. Assuring them that their opinion matters just as much is good for their confidence and also impacts on their creativity significantly.


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