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5 Alternatives to Unhealthy Snacks

Children love to snack and most of the time they will turn up their noses when presented with healthy snacks. As such, munching on unhealthy snacks is a habit that can be broken but kids will definitely require some help with that.

So, caregivers need to present kids with healthy snacks as an alternative to munching on foods that are detrimental to their health. What with the increasing rates of childhood obesity in our society today.

Since caregivers know the many benefits of good nutrition for a growing child, why do they consciously make poor food choices not only for themselves but also for preschool going kids? The answer lies in proper planning.

When caregivers don’t take time to plan meals carefully, it results in making poor food choices since it is convenient especially when a healthier alternative is not easily available or when one is running out of time. Giving healthy snack to children during child care will lead to healthier, energetic and emotionally stable children. Herein are a few healthier alternatives to unhealthy snacks:

1. Fresh fruits

Many kids find fresh fruit irresistible. So instead of giving them candy bars, provide a variety of fresh fruits so that they can have options. This is bound to appeal to even the pickiest eaters in day care.

Once in a while, caregivers can offer special treats such as making chocolate dipped fruits or banana popsicles. Also, involving kids in this is bound to create a lot of excitement and this will make them to always look forward to eating their fruits.

2. Fruit smoothies

These are great alternatives to milk shakes and are healthier. Caregivers can use yogurt, nuts like almonds, veggies, low-fat milk and fresh fruit and whip up a smoothie using a blender instantly. Also, many children enjoy making their own smoothies so it would be a good idea to get them involved.

3. Vegetable chips

Instead of potato chips or pretzels, try giving kids healthier alternatives like vegetable chips readily found in natural foods section at the supermarket. Caregivers can also make them easily at home.

4. Baked sweet potato fries

Kids love fries so would it not be great to have a healthier option for potato fries? This is where baked sweet potato fries come in. They offer greater nutritional benefits than regular potatoes. Moreover, they are easy to make.

5. Fruit custard

This is a great alternative to ice cream. Moreover, it is easy to make. It contains many important nutrients found in dairy so one can add chopped fruits such as bananas, pears, apples and dry fruits like raisins. Whenever kids crave something yummy, serve them this and they will love it.

Knowing what snacks to offer kids in between meals can be a real challenge especially when they are used to eating sugary and salted snacks but with proper planning, kids in preschool can enjoy delicious and yummy snacks.

The above are just a few alternatives to unhealthy snacks for kids during child care. The bottom line is: if caregivers pay more attention to what children eat in between meals, they will help them develop healthier eating habits.

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