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5 Local Museums or Exhibits for Kids You Might Not Know About

Wondering how to both entertain and educate kids during childcare or are you a caregiver in a preschool or day care and are looking for a fun way to educate your kids? Well, local museums might just be what you are looking for.

1. Children’s museum Indianapolis

This is a huge facility that sits on roughly 29 acres of land making it one of the biggest children’s museum across the globe. The beauty about it is that its exhibits are totally about hands on learning.

For instance kids get a golden chance not only to see real dinosaur skeletons but also to dig for bones and touch them too. Moreover, there are more than 120,000 artifacts for families to check out at this place so children are guaranteed to enjoy every moment.

2. Austin’s children museum

This caters mostly for children under12. It is quite popular with both local and visiting families. Founded on the principle that children learn best through play, it offers numerous hands on exhibits especially for the budding engineer or scientist.

Always popular is the elevated electric train that runs throughout the museum as well as missy moo moo, the model Holstein in the dairy exhibit. There is also a safe discovery area set aside for young toddlers as well.

3. Please touch museum Philadelphia

Its name alone is sure to draw kids to come and play. It is a two-story museum and each section of this museum is designed to provide learning opportunities that are so much fun.

Kids are bound to explore a mini philly-esque neighborhood, airplane, automobiles and historical train station exhibits. Younger children can play in the fairy tale garden whereas older ones can play in the Alice in wonderland exhibit.

4. Boston’s children museum

This museum prides in giving kids experiences that will help them learn life skills. It is easily accessible by public transport and actually became the city’s first green, museum in 2007.

Irrespective of whether your children are drawn to art, building, music or science, there are endless options for them here. Moreover, there is a play zone specially designed for children in the age of 3 and below.

5. Children’s museum of Houston

This is a place to bring your kids as they will have an experience of a lifetime. Kidtropolis is a big pretend city where kids have the utmost fun; it’s complete with its own bank, city hall, office, news center and it was specially designed to help kids comprehend economics and occupations.

Children below 3 years can enjoy play in a padded area. Moreover, budding investors can create their own gadgets in the invention area.

Local museums and exhibits are great places to offer children thrilling experiences that will actually inspire them to develop an interest in a certain field not to mention equipping them with valuable knowledge since children learn best through play.

As a caregiver whether in preschool or day care, one should understand that the best museums or exhibits for children are those that feature interactive exhibits that make children want to linger, play around and where learning is incorporated in fun.

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