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Whether your kids are in daycare, child care or in preschool, it is of the greatest importance that you pay attention to them. One option to accomplish this is by getting involved in their early education.

By involving yourself, both you and the child will benefit greatly. In fact, research shows that when parents participate in their children’s early schooling, the following benefits result:

  • Enhanced self-esteem for the children
  • Improved academic achievement
  • Improved parent-child relationships
  • Parents develop a positive attitude towards their children and schooling
  • Parents get a better understanding of the education process

However, it isn’t always easy for most parents to find the energy and time to involve themselves in the children’s early education. Still, here are 5 ways parents can get involved with their child’s early education without hurting their personal or professional lives:

1. Read

Reading daily to your children is one of the easiest ways to get involved in their early education. Research shows that children who learn how to read at an early age will be more likely to succeed in school.

Therefore, you should consider reading out loud with your children on a regular basis. Similarly, ensure that you have books around that will inspire them to enjoy reading.

You can also connect what you are reading to the things that your child is being taught in their early education center. Check out the books that cover these subjects and get into them.

2. Encourage Questions

As your preschool child grows and develops, you should always encourage them to ask critical questions. So long as they are respectful, allowing them to challenge you will make them feel more comfortable in challenging others. Asking questions and challenging norms and the status quo will enable them develop the critical thinking and debating faculties that will serve them well – both in academia and in the real world out there.

3. Set Expectations

Similarly, you should consider setting clear expectations for your daycare children. Then, make sure you take a backseat. Most successful college students tend to have parents who have always been clear about what they expect. Instead of micromanaging your child’s early education, therefore, let them know what you expect. Then, support and guide them as they find and chart their own path to success.

4. Get Great Teachers

As far as possible, ensure that your child care kids get great teachers. Apart from learning the right things, the people in your kid’s life will really matter in the long run. Therefore, if the school has flexibility in selecting teachers, find out who will be the best for your kids.

Ask other parents about the teachers. This way, you will know which classes you need to get your child into, and who should be teaching them.

5. Encourage Group Work

When your child gets homework, encourage them to work in groups. Let them make friends who are better at those subjects they might be poor in. Instead of helping them with the homework, let them learn from (and teach) their peers.

As you go about implementing these easy steps, you will be more involved in your preschool child’s early education. At the end of the day, your children will learn to value education and learning which will, ultimately, help them find their footing in the world.

Tim Carter

I’m Tim Carter, a thirty something year old, husband, father, childcare owner, and chocolate brownie lover. I believe children deserve better and only hope this blog will create a little change.