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5 Winter Activities to Do with Your Kids

While some swear by summer as the best days to spend outside the house doing all kinds of fun activities, some might argue that winter activities offer the most wholesome family fun. While there are a lot of ways to have fun in the snow with your kids, parents often have to make the tough choice between keeping their children warm and keeping them entertained. While it is not possible to spend all day outside like it was in the summer, there are still some amazing winter activities that will provide hours of wholesome fun for your children.

1. Sledding

Winter is not really complete without some sledding action. If you live in around a hilly area, this can be a fun activity that involves the whole family and also a lot of exercise. You can start the fun indoors by allowing your children to decorate their sleds using stickers and finger paint. Find a relatively gentle incline where your kids can have fun without requiring too much supervision. You can have a fun family event by holding mini-competitions to see who gets down the slope faster. Keep your kids wrapped up in warm layers of clothing and for toddlers, always ensure that they ride with an adult.

2. Snow Painting

Another fun outdoor activity that engages the creativity of your child would be snow painting. Here, you can give them the chance to artistically express themselves using the snow as their canvas. Instead of using paint, fill up some spray bottles with water mixed with different shades of food coloring as this is a better, non-harmful alternative. You can join in the fun or let them explore their creative side on their own.

3. Making Snow Globes

This activity involves using a lot of fun colors and balloons so it is guaranteed to be a favorite for your children. Mix different shades of food coloring with water in separate containers. You can let your kids pick their favorite colors and stir them into the water. Next, fill up the balloons with the colored water then leave them out in the snow overnight. Once frozen, you can tear off the balloons to reveal beautifully colored snow globes that can also serve as wonderful lawn decoration for the festive season.

4. Fun Indoor “Glacier Jump”

If it’s too cold to go outside, you can bring the fun inside the house by participating in a nice game of “Glacier Jump”. Throw a few pillows on the floor and space them out slightly. The objective of the game is to get from one end to another without stepping off the “glaciers” on the floor. After every round, space out the pillows a bit more until finally everyone “sinks” and the game starts all over again.

5. Indoor Arts and Crafts

There are a number of winter-themed arts and crafts activities you and your kids can do indoors. One of the best activities would be teaching them how to make a snowflake garland. This involves cutting with scissors so pay attention that your kids don’t hurt themselves. There are numerous snowflake designs you can emulate from online tutorials. Once you have your snowflake cutouts, use string to link them up together and hang them on a doorway, the Christmas tree or even the walls.

Make the best of the winter weather with these and more wholesome family activities that will keep your children entertained for hours. Always remember to keep them bundled up in layers of warm clothing when outside.


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