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Quite a few parents stress over the decision of sending their children to daycare. There may be the occasionally lucky family in which one of the parents can spend every waking hour with their children, but this is rarely the case any more. The fact of the matter is, most children do in fact benefit from being sent to daycare at some point, even if it is only for a short period a few times a week. Here is a look at a few of those benefits you and your child may notice.

A Safe Environment

It seems as if not a week goes by in which there isn’t some sort of flu outbreak in a daycare or school, but this is sensationalized media and much more the exception than the rule. Daycares are held to extremely strict standards beginning with the screening process and training of the staff. The facility must also be kept within extremely tight regulations that provide a safe and stimulating environment for children. Unlike a mother that could be doing 10 different chores at once, daycares have dedicated employees ensuring the safety of your children at all times.

Creating Friends and Socializing

A parent’s time with their child is extremely important in forming a bond, but it is also important for children to learn social skills outside of the home. Children will not only be exposed to kids that they will become fast friends with, they will also experience minor squabbles that will teach them how to solve problems on their own. Learning how to make friends and interact in larger groups are a few skills that are generally not learned at home.


Studies show time and time again that children crave structure. This does not mean a hovering parent at all times, but strict routines throughout the day that will help them develop mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Parents will often miss nap times or find that they have run out of snacks and need to head to the store, but a daycare is much more organized. Children will thrive in a situation in which they have specific times to play, nap, learn, socialize, and eat.

Preparation for School

Walking a child up to school in which they will be away from mommy or daddy for 6 hours or longer for the first time is often disastrous. Parents will find themselves having to deal with tantrums, crying, or any other number of responses simply because their child is scared and is going through a somewhat traumatic experience. A daycare will allow the parents and children to ease into this kind of daytime routine which will mean less of a chance of emotional stress when it is time for school.

Happy Parents

Every parent is going to be heartbroken those first few times they drop their child off at school or daycare, and that is a perfectly natural response. Once the children and parents have adapted to this lifestyle, however, the parents are going to find themselves less bogged down by the demands of constantly watching their children. Whether it is picking up more hours at work, taking some extra classes at college, getting errands done, or having some alone time, parents are going to find themselves with less stress and more quality time when the children are around.

A daycare with a good caregiver-to-child ratio and a proven track record can do wonders for a child emotionally and socially. Along with the kids enjoying these benefits, parents will also find themselves with less stress and more time to focus on their career, schooling, hobbies, or simply a few hours of rest.

Tim Carter

I’m Tim Carter, a thirty something year old, husband, father, childcare owner, and chocolate brownie lover. I believe children deserve better and only hope this blog will create a little change.