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10 Books Every Child (and Parent) Should Read

10 Books Every Child (and Parent) Should Read Reading to children is an important part of their growth and development. Knowing the books that are highly recommended for preschool going children will help parents and caregivers make a wise choice from the vast selection of books available in bookstores today. Herein is a top 10 list of children’s favorite books: 1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit This classic story has delighted parents and kids for over 100 years. Written by Beatrix Potter, this story was included as part of a letter that she had written to a child who was sickly. By writing it using humor, she was hopeful that …


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What to Look for when Selecting a New Childcare Provider

What to Look for when Selecting a New Childcare Provider A child care provider is a preschool that nurtures and supervises children while teaching them basic content for early childhood that they can grasp. Childcare directly determines how a child is prepared for school. Therefore it is important for those who want to enroll their children in new childcare centers to assess the quality of services offered by the childcare providers before having their children registered with the centers. For parents to select the most appropriate new childcare provider herein are the factors they should consider. 1. Recommendations Any childcare provider that offers excellent services will be known by the …


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5 Alternatives to Unhealthy Snacks

5 Alternatives to Unhealthy Snacks Children love to snack and most of the time they will turn up their noses when presented with healthy snacks. As such, munching on unhealthy snacks is a habit that can be broken but kids will definitely require some help with that. So, caregivers need to present kids with healthy snacks as an alternative to munching on foods that are detrimental to their health. What with the increasing rates of childhood obesity in our society today. Since caregivers know the many benefits of good nutrition for a growing child, why do they consciously make poor food choices not only for themselves but also for preschool …


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5 Local Museums or Exhibits for Kids You Might Not Know About

5 Local Museums or Exhibits for Kids You Might Not Know About Wondering how to both entertain and educate kids during childcare or are you a caregiver in a preschool or day care and are looking for a fun way to educate your kids? Well, local museums might just be what you are looking for. 1. Children’s museum Indianapolis This is a huge facility that sits on roughly 29 acres of land making it one of the biggest children’s museum across the globe. The beauty about it is that its exhibits are totally about hands on learning. For instance kids get a golden chance not only to see real dinosaur …


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How to Foster Your Child’s Empathy and Why It’s Important

At the heart of what it means to be human lies empathy. It forms the foundation for good relationships as it entails valuing other people’s perspectives. Moreover, it’s the key to preventing bullying in school as well as many other forms of cruelty. So, how can caregivers foster a child’s empathy? Empathize with the child’s own needs and also teach them how to cope with distress Various studies have revealed that when children’s emotional needs are met during childcare, they are likely to cultivate a strong sense of empathy. This means that when kids can count on the physical as well as emotional support of caregivers during child care or …


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Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Write

Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Write Writing is one of the few things your kids probably don’t have a strong liking for, and understandably so. From an early age, your children might perceive writing as something they are required to do in school, not during their free time. This kind of attitude eventually develops into a strong hatred for the activity especially in their teenage years when writing becomes associated with painstaking research or endless notes. It is important for the developmental growth of preschool children that you instill in them a desire, if not passion, to write whenever they want. There are many ways you can make …


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Socialization and your Only Child How Preschool can Help

Socialization and your Only Child How Preschool can Help The popularity of preschools is actually on the rise and for a good reason. Various studies have proven that preschool education can have a profound positive impact on the proper development of a child. For most stay at home parents, taking their children to preschool may not be a welcome idea since they are already giving child care in the best way they know how. But the truth of the matter is, preschool comes with a host of other benefits apart from just having someone watch your kids for you. Improved interaction and socialization Many children are comfortable in their homes …


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5 Winter Activities to Do with Your Kids

5 Winter Activities to Do with Your Kids While some swear by summer as the best days to spend outside the house doing all kinds of fun activities, some might argue that winter activities offer the most wholesome family fun. While there are a lot of ways to have fun in the snow with your kids, parents often have to make the tough choice between keeping their children warm and keeping them entertained. While it is not possible to spend all day outside like it was in the summer, there are still some amazing winter activities that will provide hours of wholesome fun for your children. 1. Sledding Winter is not …


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5 Activities to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

5 Activities to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity The importance of nurturing a child’s creative side from an early age cannot be emphasized enough. Boosting a child’s creative side is an integral part of child care. Not only does it help the child to become a well-adjusted individual with the ability to cope with any situation, giving children an avenue to express themselves creatively is very good for wholesome mental development. 1. Play Musical Instruments Although this is one of the most effective ways to make your child develop a creative side, you should be careful not to over complicate things as the activity loses its fun aspect. Music is a …


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5 Vegetable Dishes Your Kids Will Love written

5 Vegetable Dishes Your Kids Will Love Getting preschool children to love vegetables is not the easiest task. The allure of sweet, meaty or cheesy foods will always win over their appetites. It takes a lot of improvisation and creativity to create a vegetable dish that kids will love. These 5 vegetable dishes are super easy to make and will leave your kids licking their fingers with relish. 1. Veggie Pizza Everyone loves pizza. If you are struggling to get your kids to finish off their vegetables, the problem may be in the presentation. Ditch the meat and use some vegetable toppings on your pizza instead. Grilled vegetables make an …