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How to Give Your Child an Open Mind

Isn’t it interesting that in life there is no school for parenting-you learn on the job? The fact is, how to bring up a child is not always a straight line as there is no right or wrong style and so long as you are teaching your child values and how to live harmoniously with others, then you are on the right path.

Caregivers in preschool should endeavor to instill important values in children from an early age in day care in order to give them a strong foundation on which they can build their lives on. In the journey of life, there are some basic skills that are paramount for a child to help them develop into good citizens. One of these skills is teaching them how to have an open mind. This skill can be developed in the following ways:

1. Promote their social interaction

Ensure that the child plays with other children of his own age group and that he doesn’t spend too much time alone. From this interaction, he will learn how to share with others and be a team player. This will not only help him develop good social skills but will also make him trust his ability to relate with others well.

During child care, he should be helped to also learn that not everyone will like him and that it is alright. Moreover, he doesn’t have to be perfect in everything and that he should embrace his imperfection and focus on what he does best.

2. Encourage their creativity

It is good to recognize that a child is his own person with unique skills and abilities. As a caregiver at daycare, it is important to encourage a child’s creativity in their area of interest. If you are keen, you will notice the activities each child likes to do such as coloring or painting and encourage them to explore these areas.

3. Teach them team work

From an early age, children should be taught both at home and at preschool how to work with others. This should include taking turns, sharing, playing by the rules, learning to listen to other people’s opinions and no casting blame on others will put the child onto the path of responsible adulthood. They should be taught to respect other people’s opinions thus exercising tolerance.

From an early age, children should be taught how to solve simple problems by listening to each other and learning to share what they have with others.

4. Allow them to make some decisions on their own

In order for a child to develop an open mind, they ought to be allowed to an extent to make their own independent decisions in some situations such as what to wear, what to play with, etc. Approving a child’s decisions helps to empower the child and they begin to trust their own ability to make good decisions.

When these ideas are applied during child care, the child is able to navigate the social world with an open mind knowing that he can rely on you as the caregiver to guide him to experience a rewarding social life.


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