We have the fundamental belief that early childhood education is essential to the success of your child’s adult life. Each of our programs is tailored to assist your child in achieving that goal.


A celebration of developmental milestones combining the four domains of growth social/emotional language cognitive physical.

Early Beginnings

Here the early foundations of education are learned through real life exploration. This is a crucial time when children develop brain power and acquire skills that allow them to gain independence. Your children will participate in small and large group activities; learn routines, self-regulation practices, and language development.

Pre School

It is through these fundamental years of accelerated learning, emphasized by our hands on approach that most independent learning occurs. Our children work throughout the day to develop skills in the major learning areas as defined by the core standards. Including English language arts, integrated math skills, science, social and emotional studies, creative arts, and physical health.


Your child will receive an advanced education with the emphasis on achieving and surpassing kindergarten state standards.

Before/After School clubs

We provide an opportunity for school age children to expand their knowledge while enjoying three different clubs. Library club, Expressions club (art, dance animation) Nerd club (science and construction). Your child will receive help with homework reinforcing what was taught in school.

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