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Virtually all kids will experience some degree of struggle when it comes to doing their homework. Everything from disorganization to distraction to procrastination to an overall lack of motivation, it's likely that your child may need a bit of help.

What exactly is it about getting homework done that "trips" up most kids? Even younger kids in grade school who start out with a strong sense of enthusiasm about doing their homework seem to fizzle out after awhile. Most parents just want their kids to buckle down and get it done after a long, hard day at work so they can start dinner and just relax the rest of the evening. But, in reality, this almost never happens.

As a parent, is helping your child with their homework seem more confusing and frustrating than ever before? Do words such as bibliography and metamorphic make you sweat and induce anxiety in you? Whether your child (or you) needs help with grammar or math, consider the following free homework resources online that virtually anyone can use and understand.

Scholastic Parent & Child

Scholastic Parent & Child provides topic-specific subjects that help you revisit classic spelling and vocabulary rules, study a variety of geometric shapes, re-examine our nation's three different branches of government, and much more.

Also, using their innovative Flash Card Maker can enable anyone to make their own vocabulary and math flashcards, which is perfect for teaching kids in child care or daycare before they ever step foot into an actual classroom. Using their Spelling Wizard is another fun way to make word searches in order to help children learn to spell even faster.

Fact Monster

Great for kids K-8 on almost every subject imaginable, Fact Monster is a free reference website that's conducive for kids, parents, and teachers alike. For example, the site's homework center provides math flashcards online so children can conveniently practice any area of math, including adding and subtracting, or multiplying and dividing.

Fact Monster also provides an online encyclopedia, almanac, and atlas, in addition to offering helpful advice on writing assignments, such as how to effectively write a biography, essay, or even a bibliography. Is your child assigned to write a report regarding one of our 50 U.S. states? Their U.S. almanac will be a tremendous help.

Parent Toolkit

Whether your child's in high school or preschool, you may need to take a closer look at academics based on their particular grade due to today's Common Core Standards. ParentToolkit.com reflects the Benchmark guides for your child's specific grade regarding both English and math.

After reviewing the material, you'll gain a better insight into what to expect for the upcoming school year and what exactly should you be helping them brush up on in terms of their homework. Also, the site offers a few exercises on both language arts and math problems in addition to providing some helpful tips on how parents can encourage learning at home.

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

This is an outstanding reference for families to use online and offers countless links to other helpful sites on virtually every topic or subject that exists. Whether you're a student, parent, or teacher, you can find a number of resources on anything from science to history to botany. The site also helps you find free books and texts online as well.

Keep in mind that helping your kid with their homework and actually doing it for them are two different things.

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