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Socialization and your Only Child How Preschool can Help

The popularity of preschools is actually on the rise and for a good reason. Various studies have proven that preschool education can have a profound positive impact on the proper development of a child. For most stay at home parents, taking their children to preschool may not be a welcome idea since they are already giving child care in the best way they know how. But the truth of the matter is, preschool comes with a host of other benefits apart from just having someone watch your kids for you.

Improved interaction and socialization

Many children are comfortable in their homes with their parents but are generally shy out in public or in environments not familiar to them. The fact is, this shyness can hinder proper child growth and development and it needs to be dealt with early so that it does not come in the way of a child’s ability to communicate effectively. Preschool education helps to promote interaction among children and grants them the golden opportunity to socialize with each other.

The beauty of daycare or preschool is that children tend to be most comfortable with people of their own age group as they view them as equals hence they are more likely to mingle and socialize in order to have fun as well as learn and interact. In these centers, artistic activities alongside interactive games are implemented throughout the day. Not only do they serve to promote the child’s interaction with other children but they also foster the child’s creativity both at home and at school.

In these centers, teachers and caregivers model the kind of behavior they would like the child to exhibit by talking about how other people may think or feel as a result of their behavior. Caregivers also model considerate, empathetic and helpful behavior in front of the children so that they can learn these social skills.

They learn teamwork

In daycare or preschool centers, not only do children learn new skills but also the importance of teamwork. Preschool teachers frequently assign children to work in groups and this serves to promote interactions and communication among themselves as well as instilling in them the importance of a team effort and how everyone must work together to succeed.

Learning this ability early in life makes them better students and better human beings in the long run. As they work together, they also learn to share since most young children are notorious for their inability to share treats, toys, and other things. Early exposure to other children will help the child understand the joys of sharing as well as group play. Childcare, daycare, and preschool centers provide a safe and controlled environment where this learning can take place.

Acquiring social skills early in life will help the child to navigate social situations effectively as well as build fulfilling relationships with other people later on in life. The above are some of the contributing factors to the rapid increase of preschool and daycare centers in our society today and they should be sufficient to convince parents to take advantage of this opportunity.

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