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According to child care experts, there’s nothing wrong with children watching a little television, especially if it’s educational. In fact, it can be quite beneficial when it’s done right.

As a result, Netflix offers many shows and episodes streaming online that are brimming with education for kids both preschool age and older. They’re primarily categorized according to a variety of subjects including, science, literature, world history, etc. Other educational programs that provide interesting information and facts on more specific subjects include the secrets behind Ancient Egypt, how the human body works, Native American culture, and why volcanoes and earthquakes occur.

Here’s a short list of some of the best educational programs available on Netflix to increase your child’s learning as well as their interest on a number of subjects.

1. The Magic School Bus

Ms. Fizzle, the animated character who’s loved by countless children, has her own magical way of making the concept of learning fun for preschool kids and older children as well.

Some of the episodes teach kids about the human body along with the science behind the mysteries of space. Every kid has a natural affinity for learning due to their innate curiosity about life itself.

2. Dawn of the Maya

In the category of world history, National Geographic presents ‘Dawn of the Maya.’ For most kids, it easy to generalize other strange people and places, which is precisely why educational documentaries like ‘Dawn of the Maya’ is excellent for children to watch and learn, even if they’re still in daycare.

Although a very young child will likely not understand everything that the film offers, they can still start to learn about the key archaeological findings of the intricate Mayan culture along with their educational and artistic accomplishments as well.

3. The Secret Garden

Want to enjoy a classic children’s tale with your young child? ‘The Secret Garden’ fosters a child’s imagination, friendship, and all things curious. Also, it conveys some obvious lessons on how practicing bad manners will never get you anywhere in life.

4. Walking with Dinosaurs

After watching ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’, for example, almost any 5 or 6 year old will have a basic understanding of the concept of evolution. They’ll also learn many hard-to-understand words and what they actually mean, such as carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, and Jurassic.

5. Remembering Ellis Island

While this program is probably more for older kids to watch, it’s never too early to inform the younger generation about why our country consists of so many different kinds of people and cultures. This film is a good starting point for future lessons about U.S. history in general.

Based on children’s literature, Netflix offers the following programs that will pique your preschool aged child, whether they’re in daycare or at home.

  • The Cat in the Hat
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Three Little Pigs
  • The Mouse and the Motorcycle
  • I Spy
  • Runaway Ralph
  • Danny and the Dinosaur
  • The Wind and the Willows
  • Ralph S. Mouse
  • Naturally, each child will have their own tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing what they want to watch. For example, some kids love watching ‘Sesame Street’, but only want to watch specific episodes with Oscar the Grouch or Big Bird, while other kids like to watch The Count or Elmo. The trick is to not make watching television a mind-drain on kids but rather something they can actually enjoy while learning about different concepts along the way.

    Although children should have the opportunity to watch their favorite shows, they should also benefit by at least some portion of what they’re viewing as well. Netflix has a wide range of educational programs for children of all ages that can both entertain and educate.

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