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One of the best ways to have fun and bond with your kids is to simply play games with them. Taking just 15-30 minutes out of your busy schedule in order to play a quick game will provide a great opportunity for them to talk about their day or just share a funny story. Consider the following board games that children of all ages can play and enjoy.


Uno is a dynamic card game to play whether you're in preschool or an adult. The object is to be the first one to eliminate all your cards while your opponent tries to "throw you off" by switching up the numbers and/or colors in play. Uno is the ideal game to play on family fun night.


Similar to the game Bingo, Zingo is a great game for both preschool and older kids to play. Essentially, each player selects a board that shows nine pictures. Next, each player takes their turn sliding the game's chip dispenser in order to discharge two chips simultaneously. The first one to fill their card wins. Zingo is mainly for kids aged 4-8. However, even younger kids in child care or daycare can easily recognize the pictures and therefore enjoy playing the game.


Classic Monopoly or Monopoly Jr. is a game that revolves around real estate. The classic version is recommended for kids eight and older. But, the latest Monopoly Jr. games to hit the market that have fewer properties and easier rules to follow are perfect for kids aged five and older. Both versions of the game are available in different themes, including everything from geographic areas to popular Disney characters to cute puppy dogs.


Generations of families have enjoyed the timeless and traditional game of checkers. It's a game of concentration and strategy that teaches children to carefully plan their next move by anticipating their opponent's move. Need to talk to your kids about important topics? Get out the checkerboard and start playing the game. Not only will it help them relax, it will open a "gateway" so they can better hear your advice.

Connect Four

Connect Four is basically the vertical version of classic Tic-Tac-Toe, but connecting four pieces instead of three. It's a great way to develop intense concentration skills in your children as well as teaching them the concept of cause-and-effect. Get the whole family involved and have your own match-off.


Ideal for kids eight and older, Upwords is a game that's quite similar to classic Scrabble, but enables each player to build on each other's words as they proceed. For instance, if someone plays the word "sun," you could potentially use an "r" in order to change it to the word "run." Upwords strengthens your child's spelling and vocabulary skills while you're all having fun.


Kids of virtually all ages love to play Sorry. Even younger kids in daycare will understand how the game of Sorry works. Basically, the first player to get all their pieces "home" wins the game. However, other players will attempt to send you back home by landing on your space. Sorry is fun and teaches younger kids how to both count and strategize. Playing games with your kids will not only strengthen your family ties, but it will help increase their sense of self-esteem and social skills as well as their overall knowledge.

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