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Think that your child is too young to learn how to code? Think again.

Also referred to as developing or programming, coding involving telling a website, phone, app or computer how you want it to act. Some experts and educators call it the new literacy, a subject so fascinating and interesting that every child should know the basics of to succeed in this dynamic world.

Children in daycare and child care institutions can learn the foundations and basics of computer commands and coding even before they can spell and write world. Older kids, in preschool can also learn how to code through online tutorials, mentors and classes.

So, why should you introduce our child to programming essentials?

1. Explain the World

Learning programming helps children explain the world. Computing is involved in almost all aspects of human life – from shopping, security, information, banking and social media to education and communications. Networked computers even control health records, cars, thermostats and lighting.

If preschool children are taught mathematics and biology to better understand the world, then knowing how computers communication – and engaging with them – should be a given.

2. Computational Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Perhaps one of the main reasons why introducing your child to programming essentials makes so much sense is that it will develop their skills. Children will quickly develop and adopt new ways of thinking, while fine-tuning their problem-solving capabilities.

Computational thinking, in fact, allows children in daycare and preschoolers better grasp such concepts as heuristics, recursion and algorithms. Even though they might not be able to understand the terms involved, they will learn the basic concepts.

3. Fun

Apart from the many practical reasons for learning programming, you need to consider that kids will really have fun creating animations and games. In the process, they will learn to love learning and making things.

Introducing Your Child to Programming Essentials

If you are interested in the new literacy, there are many ways to go about introducing your child to it. Start out by searching for courses and coding camps in your community on the internet. Alternatively, consider trying out an online course, app or program. Most of these online resources use simple tutorials and cool graphics dressed up as games. Therefore, you can be sure that will not only interest your kids, they will also help them learn to code faster and more effectively.

To get you started, consider the following suggestion:

  • Kids Code Jeunesse
  • Kodable
  • LEGO WeDo
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Robot Turtles
  • Tynker

Often, the best programming apps for young children are more centered on simple animations and graphics than on the actual coding. While most of these educational apps are rates for kids aged 8 and above, children who are old enough to understand code and effect, and who can read can be motivated and introduced to programming essentials. In fact, you can even get children in daycare and preschool excited and enthusiast about computer development.

In conclusion, whether your child grows up to be the next Steve Jobs, programming is one of the most useful skills you can get them to learn. It will teach them vital communication and problem solving skills while upping their creativity and curiosity about the world around them. Plus, the both of you will have tons of fun in the process.

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