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Why You Should Create Strong Daily Routines with Your Kids

Every family has its own unique routines, but many parents are unsure of exactly what daily and weekly routines are instilling in their children. Routines are about much more than getting teeth brushed before bed or keeping parents sane. These habits will help children with a wide variety of skills that they will need throughout their life all while bringing a family closer together. Here are a few reasons that it is not only important to create routines with a family but also why these routines must stay consistent throughout the years.

Promoting a Sense of Safety in Developing Children

The core of a child developing mentally and emotionally comes down to experiencing new and potentially uncomfortable things. Whether it is entering into the first stages of puberty, heading off to school, or trying out a new vegetable, it is these experiences that will forever dictate a child’s personality. Having firm daily routines will allow children to go through these changes much easier knowing that they have a comforting “safety net” with their family and when at home.

Improving Family Co-operation

For growing families there are sure to be some fights throughout the day, but these can be limited by ongoing routines. With a daily routine, everyone in the family will not only know their own responsibilities, but what everyone else is doing at the time as well. This will often lessen the chance of any hard feelings between children and make chores and errands such as doing dishes or cleaning rooms less of a hassle.

Developing Self-Discipline

Sticking to an unwavering routine may seem like it will become boring for a child, but these habits are in fact one of the most important foundations of success. From brushing their teeth before bed to setting aside time for homework, routines help children learn just how important responsibility is. As they carry out the routine over and over they will also learn about the importance of self-discipline and how it will help them throughout their life.

Making Transitions Easier

Major and minor transitions in a child’s life can lead to some stress and even feelings of ill will, but having a routine that remains steady will make outside factors less stressful and easier to comprehend. Studies have shown that children with a routine create a “visual” outlook of the day that helps them meet challenges head on. By developing these habits they can mentally and emotionally prepare for transitions ranging from the car ride to school to having a friend move away.

More Confidence

Developing a sense of confidence and independence in a child is one of the most important things that parents can do. Unfortunately, many are at a loss of exactly how to instill confidence and independence without simply turning them loose. With a routine and frequent praise for a job well done, children can develop any number of vital skills such as reading or even walking. When dedication and confidence is consistently rewarded the child will develop these qualities that will last a lifetime.

Creating an Overall Happier Family

Finally, a strong daily routine is going to make home life a little less stressful and everyone a little happier. When parents and their children never know what to expect each morning before work, just before bedtime, or even on the weekends, it can lead to a sense of anarchy and confusion at all times. A routine is an ongoing reassurance that a family knows what to expect each and every week and can prepare for it accordingly.

Studies continue to show that families with healthy and strong routines actual help children to thrive in many facets of their life. While it may take some getting used to, these habits will help everyone live a happier life while reducing stress and anxiety.

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