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Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Write

Writing is one of the few things your kids probably don’t have a strong liking for, and understandably so. From an early age, your children might perceive writing as something they are required to do in school, not during their free time. This kind of attitude eventually develops into a strong hatred for the activity especially in their teenage years when writing becomes associated with painstaking research or endless notes.

It is important for the developmental growth of preschool children that you instill in them a desire, if not passion, to write whenever they want. There are many ways you can make writing fun for their young curious minds. You could try:

  • Giving them a journal or a dairy in which to record their day-to-day lives. Not only is this an effective way of teaching them how to embrace writing, it is also a good way to make them more self-aware and observant of their surroundings.
  • Writing fan fiction with them. Allow your children to make up stories about their favorite superheroes and icons and then have them to read it to the family. This will also build their confidence significantly.

So why is writing not only important but necessary in child care? Herein are four reasons:

1. Writing teaches kids how to communicate

Think about the most eloquent speaker you know and look at how they get their points across without muddling their words. Much like reading, writing helps to expand ones vocabulary and can also teach your kids how to communicate with others better. Reading and writing go hand in hand and therefore if your child develops a penchant for writing, it is likely they will also become a great reader.

2. Writing improves your kids’ memory and learning skills

They say it is harder to forget something if you write it down. Teaching your kids how to note down even the tiniest details is honing their learning skills and also enhancing their memory significantly. In school, a child who likes to write is more likely to have captured more by the end of the day. In addition to that, writing down recently learned knowledge gives them something to review before tests and triples their thirst for learning.

3. Writing unlocks your kids’ creativity

Like any other form of expression, writing requires the use of your child’s imagination from time to time. We already know how important it is to have your child develop his/her creative side while they’re still young and writing is one of the best ways to do that. Not everyone is destined to be a novelist or a poet—that much is true.

However, writing does more than just involve the imagination in writing fiction. It also opens your child’s mind and helps him/her to see everything from every perspective, making them more capable of growing up well-developed.

4. Writing is good for self-expression

A child who learns how to clearly express their feelings is more likely to develop into a happy adult. As some of us may know, when in their troubled teen years, kids rarely feel the need to open up to their parents, not because they do not want to but because they do not know how to make you understand it.

Teaching your child this form of self-expression will build their confidence in their ability to express themselves clearly, making them more willing to talk to you as their parent instead of hiding their problems.

The power of the pen and paper might not seem like much during their formative years but in the long run, it will impact on nearly every aspect of your kids’ lives, especially when it comes to forming relationships.

Tim Carter

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