Passionate about kids? Apply below.

We are committed to giving our team the best culture, classroom environment, and pathway to living their dream career!

I love my job!

I love my job! I love it because I feel like a very valued employee, I can talk to any of our staff and feel like I am being heard and supported. It is very rewarding to see the kids learn and grow every day, I have never seen such an amazing curriculum at a daycare. I also really love how much everyone at Discovery Tree Academy genuinely cares about every single child there, it’s the best place I have ever worked. - Dani

Kind and respectful.

I have worked at Discovery Tree Academy for about a year and a half now. I love it. Not only do I love working with each of the children and their individual personalities, but everyday I get to teach and run my classroom the way I want. I have the freedom to plan lessons, and activities which I feel will most benefit my class and the curriculum. My co-workers are amazing, they are kind and respectful. The working environment here at Discovery Tree Academy is one of optimism and support. I'm constantly learning more about myself and improving. - Ashley

Passionate about kids? Interested in becoming a Lead Teacher/Co-Teacher?

We believe that having the best teaching staff is critical in our efforts of changing the lives of children and we understand that by only hiring the best teachers it allows us to make the greatest impact that will last a lifetime. Discovery Tree Academy was founded with the commitment to giving parents and children the best in education, safety, and developmental progress. Also to provide our teachers the environment, resources and support needed to excel in what they have been called to do. We know in order to achieve this it requires the proper hiring, training, involvement, and encouragement of our entire team. This is why we seek out teaching geniuses that are phenomenal with kids as well as those that will add and uplift our team and culture.

Your responsibility will be to uphold our philosophy by teaching independence, self-awareness, and developmental growth in all areas of learning in our safe and loving environment. Along with creating an atmosphere that is loving and welcoming instilling trust to all those who you influence daily.