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4 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool

Starting school can be a scary and stressful process for both you and your child. Adjusting to a new environment and routine can add a lot of pressure on a parent and child relationship, so it is important that you prepare before the day arrives. There are many things you can do to prepare for preschool, and luckily, the early education experts at Discovery Tree Academy have developed this guide to help you figure out exactly how to get your little one ready for their first day in the classroom. If you are in the Payson or Springville, Utah area and are looking for a great preschool to send your child to, then the Discovery Tree Academy is right for you. Visit our website to learn more and register your child for preschool today.

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Get Accustomed to a New Environment

It is always best to visit a school before you enroll your child. Visit the school with your child, meet the staff, see what a typical day looks like, and play on the playground with your child. Make sure your child is happy and comfortable in the environment. If you can, arrange a playdate with children at the school so your child knows someone on their first day.

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Play School at Home

Help your child think of school as a fun place by playing school-themed games with them at home. Act out different scenarios like nap time, storytime, and arts and crafts. Act as the teacher or reverse roles and let your child be the teacher.

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Practice a New Routine

Start using a new bedtime and wake-up routine a few weeks before preschool starts so your child can adjust to the new schedule and feel rested. You can even pick out clothes together the night before or eat breakfast together to make the routine go more smoothly. Practice putting on shoes, packing a backpack, and getting dressed.

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Listen to Your Child

Ask your child how they are feeling about going to school. Reassure them that it is natural to feel anxious, scared, or excited. Tell your child that starting something new is big but can also be fun. Reassure them that you will be there to pick them up after and let them know what to expect from that routine.

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As one can see, there are many ways that you can make your child feel safe and comfortable when starting preschool. Proper proactive preparation is key to success on the first day. Be fun and creative when getting your child ready for preschool. The best way to ensure a great preschool experience is to enroll your child in a great preschool. Discovery Tree Academy is the perfect early education experience to get your child ready for a lifetime of learning. Visit our website or contact us to enroll your child in preschool.