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Active Reading — Tips for Reading to Your Children

As your children develop, reading books is a great way to help boost their development and ingrain a love for reading. Then, take that joy of reading one step further and try active reading with your child.

Active reading is a way to read with your child instead of just reading to them. While you're reading a book with your child, take some time to engage with the pictures and talk about new ideas or concepts you’re learning. Today, we’re going to talk about active reading and tips for reading with your children.

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Tips for Reading to Your Children

By the time your children reach elementary school, reading will become an integral part of their education. If they are not able to read at their grade level, they will start to fall behind their peers in all areas. This is why it’s important to work with your child from a young age to instill strong vocabulary and comprehension skills.

There are lots of ways to make reading fun and engaging for your entire family, including active reading! Once you’ve incorporated active reading, give these other reading tips a try!

Start Young

Start reading to your children, even when they’re young. They might not understand the words you’re reading, but they’ll enjoy the time cuddled up with you, hearing your voice, and being given the opportunity to interact with you and the pages. Then, once they’re older, they’ll already be in the habit of listening to you read to them.

Vocabulary Words

As you’re reading new books, be sure to point out and discuss new vocabulary words. This will help them think critically and learn some new words!

Make a Routine

Don’t make reading an occasional activity you do. Instead, create a routine around reading. Is there a time every day where you can sit down and read some books with your children? Make that a habit.

A great routine is reading to your children before they go to bed, giving them one last thing to look forward to each night!

Incentivize Reading

Active reading is one way to make reading fun and exciting. But on top of that, find other ways to incentivize your child to read. For older children, have them keep a log of all the books they complete. For siblings, create some friendly competition to see who can find the most new words or read for the most amount of time.

Try Books on Tape

Mix up how you choose to read to them and try books on tape. This is also a great choice when you aren’t able to sit down one night and read to your children. Find a book on tape that’s interactive and will keep your child engaged, and teach them a new way to interact with reading.

Additionally, books on tape are a great choice if English is not your first language but you want your child to hear books read in English!

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