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Free Online Resources for Teaching Your Children

Whether you’ve homeschooled your children for their entire life or have recently found yourself taking on the role of teacher for your children, there are a lot of different online resources. On top of that, many great resources are free right now to give parents all the support and help they need!

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Helpful Online Teaching Resources

Whether you had a toddler, preschoolers, or elementary school student that you’re teaching from home, there are plenty of online teaching tools available to help provide you with curriculum, activities, and lessons.

Achieve3000 Literacy

Acheive3000 Literacy is a great resource for different literacy instruction. From non-fiction to fiction and all different reading levels, you can find different reasons that also come with question sets.


Puzzlemaker is a great way to make spelling or other subjects fun. You can create a variety of puzzles, including crosswords and word searches, to help your children with their vocabulary or information they’re working on.

World Book Day

World Book Day is a collection of reading material to help encourage reading and promote a higher reading level for your children. You can choose from different reading themes or levels to find something your child will love.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an amazing, non-profit resource that provides an incredible variety of resources for students and learners. Choose from their selection of courses and get the tools to provide customized learning experiences for your children.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids has an online resource filled with videos and information about animals and nature. Give them some time to explore this website and learn facts about their favorite animals or places! You can also find different science experiments, homework help resources, quizzes, and more.

Choose Our Springville & Payson Child Development Center

We hope that these resources will help you provide different resources for your children, whether they’re not quite ready to start school or are learning from home.

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