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How to Keep Kids Active While at Home

Being a parent is hard work. From the moment your child is born and throughout their school years, it can seem like you face one challenge after another. Yet, being a parent is as rewarding as it is difficult. You get to see your children grow from infants to adults, find themselves, and do what their heart sings.

Discovery Tree Academy offers an amazing early childhood development program in Springville and Payson. From infant up through pre-K, we teach children foundational knowledge and skills to prepare them for a lifetime of learning. We offer a hands-on approach that fosters independent learning and exploration. Below, we'll offer up tips on how to keep your kids active while at home. Contact us today for a tour of our early childhood education school today!


Assign Them a To-Do List

When we say assign your kids a to-do list, we do not mean chores. Chores are dull and boring, and depending on the age of your children, it can be like pulling teeth to get them to do chores. By to-do list, we mean pick some things to do around the house that is fun to do. For instance, you can do a scavenger hunt and leave clues all around the house and outside for your kids to find. Similar to hunting Easter eggs, a scavenger hunt can be super-exciting, especially if you have a great prize at the end like a cupcake or whatever your child loves Pokemon cards. You can assign them fun chores, such as petting the dog. There's no end to the things you can have your children do while they are at home

Do a 30-Day Lego Challenge

A 30-Day Lego challenge is where each day your child has a different challenge they have to do with legos. Examples include building a boat, a house, or a bank. There is no end to what you can create with legos. Plus, if you've ever played with Legos, they are super fun. You can order new Lego sets to switch it up and make it more exciting. Another fun activity is to make a list of animals, buildings, and people and put them in a hat. Then have your kids draw a slip of paper out and make what they draw.

Buy Play-Doh

If you remember playing with Play-Doh as a kid, you probably remember making a ton of different creations and playing for hours. The truth of the matter is that playing with Play-Doh never really gets old. While your kids are at home, they can make models, objects, and more until their hearts are content. You can also invest in Play-Doh sets that come with pre-made molds for your children, such as cooking wares and more, that only add to the fun.

Put Puzzles Together

Puzzles are great activities that kids can do at home. Puzzles are challenging and are very beneficial to kids. They help improve cognitive thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and memory skills as kids try to put together all of the pieces. The greater the number of puzzle pieces, the longer it will take, so if you truly want to challenge your children and give them an activity that will last for days, choose a puzzle that is at least 1,000 pieces or more. The days will fly by this way.


Discovery Tree Academy in Springville and Payson loves caring for your children. We offer infant care, a robust toddler program, preschool, pre-K classes, and before and after school clubs. Each of our childhood development programs are tailored for the children at their age level.

For infants, there is a lot of language and tactile development, so we emphasize reading and hands-on play. For toddlers, they are exploring the world around them, so we emphasize activities that will create a routing and foster independence. In pre-school, we aim for a balance of learning with play and fun activities. Math and science are incorporated and English learning begins in earnest. For our preschool learning program, our goal is to have your child ready for kindergarten by emphasizing early reading skills, as well as more math and science learning. Contact us today for a school tour!