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How to Keep Kids Active While at Home, Part 2

Since we’re heading into colder weather, it can be even more challenging to keep your children active — especially if you can’t send them outside to play.

In our first part of this series, How to Keep Kids Active While at Home, we talked about some tips, like:

  • Assign them a to-do list

  • Create a 30-day lego challenge

  • Play with Play-Doh

  • Put together puzzles

But we know that being active is about both mental and physical activity. Today we’re here to share some ways to get your kids moving — even when they’re stuck inside.

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Get Moving and Active at Home

Move as a Family

If you’re not moving and staying active yourself, it can be hard to encourage your children to stay active. Find a way to move together as a family. If it’s warm enough outside, go on a walk. Or if you’re stuck inside, find an active game you can play together or find an exercise video online that you can do together.

Friendly Competition

A little friendly competition between siblings is never a bad thing — especially if it gets them moving. Encourage them to clean faster than their siblings, or get more active time than their siblings. This will help keep them active while also giving them a great reason to do so!

Turn on Some Music

Who doesn’t love to dance? Turn on some of their favorite music and encourage them to dance around the house. This is also a great trick if your child is having trouble focusing on their school work or staying awake. If you want to turn it into a little friendly competition between family members, vote on who has the best dance moves!

Indoor Obstacle Course

Have you created an obstacle course inside? Divide into teams and see who can complete the course in the least amount of time. Want to make it even harder? The floor is lava!

Create a Movie

Encourage them to film their own movie with their siblings or friends. This gets them to both think creatively and move around. Once they’re done with their movie, have a viewing party with friends and family to see the final product!

Early Childhood Education With Discovery Tree

We hope that these fun activities can get you and your family moving and active. Then, when it comes to early childhood education, trust Discovery Tree Academy in Springville and Payson. We offer a wide range of programs, including before and after school programs, preschool, and our “Early Out” after school program. Enroll today!

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