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The Importance of Routines For Your Child

One of the most powerful tools that parents of children in early childhood education have at their disposal is the ability to implement daily routines. Routines are utilized extensively in classrooms around the world, including here at Discovery Tree Academy. Extending these same types of routines into your child’s home life can yield the same good fruit we regularly see in a classroom setting. Here are just a few reasons why routines are important for your child, taken from our years of experience in early childhood education.

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Establishing a Schedule

When you create regular daily routines for your child, it’s that much easier to stick to a set schedule. This can help set your child’s natural “body clock,” which means you’ll begin to see improvements in many of the daily activities your child takes part in, including:

  • The ability for your child to nap/have quiet time and sleep well at night

  • Eat healthy meals at normal times

  • Use the bathroom regularly

  • Have ample opportunity for play

  • Enjoy calm, relaxed periods of downtime throughout the day

As an example, when your schedule includes a period of time before bed for more calming activities, it can be easier for your child to transition to “bedtime mode” and fall asleep easier.

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Setting Clear Expectations

Daily routines help your child recognize the expectations in place for them throughout the day. When these routines are consistent, your child will begin to recognize the appropriate times for play, rest, meals, potty breaks, and cleaning up. As children become accustomed to routines, you’ll begin to notice they need less prompting, especially when you partner with them in their routine. This doesn’t mean “do tasks for them,” but rather establishes your role in daily routines, and results in less time spent directing your children to “do this” or “don’t do that.”

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Developing Confidence and Independence

As your child becomes more accustomed to routines, you may notice they begin to have a certain sense of satisfaction in knowing what they’re supposed to do. When kids have a sense of ownership in their expected tasks, they feel a sense of satisfaction when they are accomplished independently. This helps children develop independence and self-sufficiency, which can also reduce instances of rebellion or retaliation.

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Provide Stability During Times of Change

Time periods of change, whether expected or unexpected, can be disarming for young children. When changes occur, such as the addition of a new sibling, for instance, maintaining a set routine helps add a sense of security in your child’s mind. Even with all of these new changes, the presence of a daily routine helps keep a sense of normalcy, which in turn helps maintain calm minds and stability.

Learn More About Routines in Early Childhood Education

As early childhood educators in Utah, we know the importance of establishing routines both inside and outside of the classroom, and the profound effect these routines can have on the minds of developing children. Learn more by contacting Discovery Tree Academy in Springville and Payson!