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At Discovery Tree Academy, our early childhood education programs are created to help your children continually meet and exceed their developmental milestones. Our Early Learners program is designed for children aged 18 months up to three years old. Enroll your child today — contact Discovery Tree Academy in Springville today!

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Our early childhood education program is designed to help your child meet key developmental milestones, including:

  • Social & Emotional Growth
  • Language Growth
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development
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Early Learners at Discovery Tree Academy

18 months to three years old

Our Early Learners program is designed to help prepare your toddlers for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. In order to do that, we implement a variety of games and activities, in addition to creative and outdoor time. Through this variety, we can ensure that every Early Learner in our program obtains the foundations of success.

Watch your child gain independence through their work with peers and master different developmental milestones.

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Social & Emotional Growth

Children develop socially and emotionally by learning and interacting with their peers. This also gives them a senese of confidence as they form friendships and communicate with their peers.

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Language Growth

As toddlers develop their language skills, they are better able to communicate their needs and feelings. At Discovery Tree Academy, we encourage your children to develop those skills by playing with their peers and engaging in different games and activities.

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Cognitive Development

It’s important for toddlers to learn to think and understand the things around them, strengthening their cognitive abilities. Our activities and curriculum are designed to help push those skills so your children exceed those developmental milestones.

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Physical Development

As toddlers age, they develop more physical strength, like the ability to kick a ball, carry toys, and perform different activities. Our outside and creative time works to cultivate that physical development.